Neutral Mask Workshop, Greece

Creative Development

A documentary perspective on developing actors

This Neutral Mask workshops, as taught by Miguel Oso Loustaunau involved the creation of masks training, body movement studies, and mask work presentations.

“The Neutral Mask is the mask behind all masks and a reference point for understanding how this Masked Theatrical Universe works. It develops the actor’s presence, awakens the sense of discovery and a capacity to play involving the whole body.”

The event was hosted by  ΦΙΞ in art, which hosts all kinds of various workshops and events in english and greek at their studio location in Thessaloniki, Greece.

PostHouseChic was invited to be the documentary photographer during the entire process of the workshop – from mask making, refinements, body movement, mime training, and final presentations. The ultimate aim was to have a series for a gallery exhibition promoting Neutral Mask training and promotional material for the Instructor ‘Oso’.

Here, I share a sample of photos of the process during our collaborative time together.

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