Vagor & Bella Vita, Greece

Theatrical Performances

The sweet charm of the romantic vagabonds

Dromocosmicas has put together a charming show named “Vagor & Bella Vita”. This throw back stage (or outdoor) performance tells the story of two vagabonds who meet up, find their resourceful spirits, create a performance to help them get food for the day, and their romantic partnership.

PostHouseChic adores silent theatre and films. Although the power of the word has shown it’s worth, we have a sweet spot for the capacity of storytelling beyond language (which could be why we like to work in Visual Media.)

This session was performed in an outdoor courtyard at Fix in Art, in my opinion – far more appropriate for the thematics of the performance (rather than inside a theatre on a neutral stage).

It was a pleasure to work with these two artists, they have great photographic presence and their talent is exceptional. You should look them up, an easy click away at Dromocosmicas website.

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