Self Confidence Series in Italy

I’m not photogenic.

How many people have you heard say this? Do you say this?

PostHouseChic, while working at Centro d’Ompio in Pratolungo, Pettenasco, Italy was challenged by fellow co-workers about photography. They said:

“No one can take a good photo of me. I’m just not photogenic!”

Now, we are not one to pass up a challenge.

Actually, for me, it wasn’t even about the challenge – I wanted to show these people how I saw them, as beautiful people.

So we went out, on a photo journey – I wanted to capture them doing what they do, integrating their surroundings, playing with light. Showing them how fantastic they are and how much presence they can create.

I name this the self confidence series because it gave them self confidence. They loved their photos! Now hopefully, they will remember that they are beautiful and the right person can show them that way – draw out their character and tell their energy, all through a photograph.

The last picture is of myself. It was for another photography challenge, but I include it here (as evidence of my editing for the picture) but also because I think it can tie into this series. I am recreating an ‘Eve’ them and the fruit of knowledge. Instead I wanted it to be about offering knowledge to others.

This series offers the knowledge of self love to others.

What do you think about the shots?

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