Venice Carnival

Checking Off That Bucket List

Having two weeks between working in Singapore and going to start a new project in Pettenasco, Italy, PostHouseChic took two weeks to explore arounds the various regions of Italy.

One of the greatest pleasures is checking off things that are on my Bucket List. One of  them being to go to Venice during Carnival. This has always been a “to do” guilty pleasure – The costumes, masks, canals, gondoles; all part of this amazing unique mystic that Venice could offer to a person. At least that is what I imagined. I am happy to announce that it was exactly that type of experience for myself!

During this time, I was also graced with a temporary traveling partner, whom I took underwing and taught some basic photographic principles to help enhance his documentation of his travel experiences. Fusing bucket list with photography? Just how I wanted it to be!

See some examples here!

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