Wadi Rum Desert, Jordan

Tourism in Wadi Rum

As PostHouseChic continues to work/visit various locations around the globe, the next stop became the Wadi Rum Desert in Jordan.

Modern media is inundated with fear based news in regards to middle eastern affairs. Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of problems going on. But it is a shame that people don’t take it upon themselves to inform themselves. Such as is the case of Jordan, a very safe place to visit. The Tourism industry is struggling there because of news sensationalization and generalization.

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to go to Jordan, work in the desert; helping with emails, websites, and tourism.  Living in the desert is an unforgettable experience – stars, you had never been able to see in the night sky due to night pollution, are visible! The expression that ‘silence is deafening’ is so strongly found in the utter silence of the desert. These are only things you can experience by going there!

It is important to learn about other cultures, especially your place in them – for example: as a traveling single woman. But you can be met with great hospitality, generosity, and amazing natural experiences!

Here are some of the photo projects from the desert!

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