Penguins of South Africa

Animals in the Wild

One of the things that PostHouseChic is passionate about, outside of creating and sharing media, is seeing animals in their natural habitats. It is one thing to be able to see animals in a zoo – and that can be a heated debate in itself – but to travel and see animals in the wild = priceless!

PHC had the good fortune to partner with Furkidz in Cape Town, South Africa to work on the Volunteer recruitment video! Thank to that, we were able to explore the landscape and see a variety of animals in their own comforts.

Here, we share a photoshoot of Penguins at Boulders in South Africa. These penguins swim all the way up from the Antarctic to come and enjoy the beaches! You can see penguins of various ages: down feather greys, baby blues, and adult penguins!

Thanks again to Furkidz for giving us the opportunity to explore multiple passions during this work project!

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