Lana Gilbert at Omnific Fashion Show

Lana Gilbert was raised by her mother in an environment of encouraged creativity . A self-confessed geek, she draws her inspiration from historical and fictional characters found in books, videogames and folk tales. Lana’s original line was based on Alice in Wonderland, however she developed a consuming interest in menswear, prompting her to redesign her line Menswear proved an unsurprising choice considering her love of tailored garments and the function of design lines.
Lana plans to continue her education at Ryerson University, eventually seeking employment as a pattern drafter in the commercial sector of menswear.
It is so inspiring to me when genders design for the opposite sex! There seems to be a bit of a stereotype that only men can design for men and women (or gay men) for women.
I applaud Lana for going the distance and designing a line for men! I thought this line was very sexy, right down to the kilts! Which I’m sure the local male models got some flack from their buddies about…
But honestly! This was beautifully done and they all look ruggedly handsome!
See the full line here!