Day 5 of MBFW Feb F/W 2010

Day 5 was a 2 for 1 runway event for us techies! Tadashi Shoji and Carmen Marc Valvo. One on site runway and one off site venue.

You can notice that in my first AOL video, I was well done up. Here in my second video, about half way through the week, I’m a bit scraggly and haggard looking – less put together if you will. I’m scared to think what may happen in the days to come and if we make yet another video of evidence!

The days are long with work, the running around exhausting, the shows exhilarating, and the evenings involve even more work! Sleep is barely able to occur as Lindsay and I sleep on a single cot next to our computer stations. It is evident that I’m starting to wear a bit on the edges.

I think it should be important to note from my experience, to find some way to deal with the hectic madness of fashion week. Wether that be telling yourself it’s just for a short amount of time or going into a zen place. It is utterly important to find the time and care to make yourself presentable (which I obviously haven’t been doing) and staying in a good mood. You never know when a networking opportunity will present itself.

I say this because today, Lindsay and I met a woman in the lineup for standing entry to Tadashi Shoji who told us of some swag suites to go to. I’m glad Linds was presentable and did the talking. I’m sure no one wanted to look nor speak to me! haha!