Day 5 of MBFW Feb F/W 2010

Day 5 was a 2 for 1 runway event for us techies! Tadashi Shoji and Carmen Marc Valvo. One on site runway and one off site venue.

You can notice that in my first AOL video, I was well done up. Here in my second video, about half way through the week, I’m a bit scraggly and haggard looking – less put together if you will. I’m scared to think what may happen in the days to come and if we make yet another video of evidence!

The days are long with work, the running around exhausting, the shows exhilarating, and the evenings involve even more work! Sleep is barely able to occur as Lindsay and I sleep on a single cot next to our computer stations. It is evident that I’m starting to wear a bit on the edges.

I think it should be important to note from my experience, to find some way to deal with the hectic madness of fashion week. Wether that be telling yourself it’s just for a short amount of time or going into a zen place. It is utterly important to find the time and care to make yourself presentable (which I obviously haven’t been doing) and staying in a good mood. You never know when a networking opportunity will present itself.

I say this because today, Lindsay and I met a woman in the lineup for standing entry to Tadashi Shoji who told us of some swag suites to go to. I’m glad Linds was presentable and did the talking. I’m sure no one wanted to look nor speak to me! haha!

Rebecca Taylor MBFW F/W 2010

Rebecca Taylor was my first real runway experience! Not that the Heart Truth Red dress wasn’t authentic but it was however a celebrity laden runway event. I wanted to experience something with models! To watch up close and personal how they move, what they do, to breathe it all in and feel like I’m finally here, experiencing all this!

We had standing room only, but it allowed us to see everything clearly over the tops of the seated crowd.

Here are a few of my candid snaps of the runway!

Needless to say I finally felt it really hit me; I was really here at Mercedes Benz Fashion week. A moment of my life had become fulfilled – and at a young age too!

I had somehow found my way into the fashionable fabulous world and I am officially hooked!

You can check out my compiled edit of the runway show in the following youtube clip!

Day 4 of MBFW Feb F/W 2010

Ahhhhh Day 4! Finally, we got our work done by early afternoon and booked it off to the tents in hopes to get into a show.

Success for Us, we were admitted standing room for the Rebecca Taylor show which took place in the Salon at Bryant park at 2pm.

The Video above is us in the video booth in the media lab. AOL had a setup where you could go in and give a report from the tent and it would be posted to their website. They also sent a downloaded copy to our emails for keepsakes!

We did end up taking too long to say our entire message and thus I ended up getting cut off… What I was trying to say was “Miss YOUUUUUU!” but it ended up with a sad ‘ME’ sound.

It was really great to get to watch a fashion show that had models instead of celebrities walking the runway. I found a difference in the presentation values. It was also very refreshing just to get the hell out of our tiny hotel room and out into the open, seeing what we came to see; doing what we love to do!

The Video booth is a lot of fun and if you get to the tents I recommend doing it. It’s a great and easy way to get your vlog up there with minimal equipment and effort!

PS it was valentines day today! Inside the tents, a chocolaterie was giving away sweet delight little chocolate hearts! xo!