Neutral Mask Workshop, Greece

Creative Development

A documentary perspective on developing actors

This Neutral Mask workshops, as taught by Miguel Oso Loustaunau involved the creation of masks training, body movement studies, and mask work presentations.

“The Neutral Mask is the mask behind all masks and a reference point for understanding how this Masked Theatrical Universe works. It develops the actor’s presence, awakens the sense of discovery and a capacity to play involving the whole body.”

The event was hosted by  ΦΙΞ in art, which hosts all kinds of various workshops and events in english and greek at their studio location in Thessaloniki, Greece.

PostHouseChic was invited to be the documentary photographer during the entire process of the workshop – from mask making, refinements, body movement, mime training, and final presentations. The ultimate aim was to have a series for a gallery exhibition promoting Neutral Mask training and promotional material for the Instructor ‘Oso’.

Here, I share a sample of photos of the process during our collaborative time together.

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Vagor & Bella Vita, Greece

Theatrical Performances

The sweet charm of the romantic vagabonds

Dromocosmicas has put together a charming show named “Vagor & Bella Vita”. This throw back stage (or outdoor) performance tells the story of two vagabonds who meet up, find their resourceful spirits, create a performance to help them get food for the day, and their romantic partnership.

PostHouseChic adores silent theatre and films. Although the power of the word has shown it’s worth, we have a sweet spot for the capacity of storytelling beyond language (which could be why we like to work in Visual Media.)

This session was performed in an outdoor courtyard at Fix in Art, in my opinion – far more appropriate for the thematics of the performance (rather than inside a theatre on a neutral stage).

It was a pleasure to work with these two artists, they have great photographic presence and their talent is exceptional. You should look them up, an easy click away at Dromocosmicas website.

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Self Confidence Series in Italy

I’m not photogenic.

How many people have you heard say this? Do you say this?

PostHouseChic, while working at Centro d’Ompio in Pratolungo, Pettenasco, Italy was challenged by fellow co-workers about photography. They said:

“No one can take a good photo of me. I’m just not photogenic!”

Now, we are not one to pass up a challenge.

Actually, for me, it wasn’t even about the challenge – I wanted to show these people how I saw them, as beautiful people.

So we went out, on a photo journey – I wanted to capture them doing what they do, integrating their surroundings, playing with light. Showing them how fantastic they are and how much presence they can create.

I name this the self confidence series because it gave them self confidence. They loved their photos! Now hopefully, they will remember that they are beautiful and the right person can show them that way – draw out their character and tell their energy, all through a photograph.

The last picture is of myself. It was for another photography challenge, but I include it here (as evidence of my editing for the picture) but also because I think it can tie into this series. I am recreating an ‘Eve’ them and the fruit of knowledge. Instead I wanted it to be about offering knowledge to others.

This series offers the knowledge of self love to others.

What do you think about the shots?

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Venice Carnival

Checking Off That Bucket List

Having two weeks between working in Singapore and going to start a new project in Pettenasco, Italy, PostHouseChic took two weeks to explore arounds the various regions of Italy.

One of the greatest pleasures is checking off things that are on my Bucket List. One of  them being to go to Venice during Carnival. This has always been a “to do” guilty pleasure – The costumes, masks, canals, gondoles; all part of this amazing unique mystic that Venice could offer to a person. At least that is what I imagined. I am happy to announce that it was exactly that type of experience for myself!

During this time, I was also graced with a temporary traveling partner, whom I took underwing and taught some basic photographic principles to help enhance his documentation of his travel experiences. Fusing bucket list with photography? Just how I wanted it to be!

See some examples here!

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Touring in Singapore

 Always Make Time For Personal Exploration

PostHouseChic made its way over to Singapore to work with Marine Technology Consulting Group on updating components of their website. This is an ongoing process to be done over time remotely.

In the short visit and collaboration with MTCG, PHC made sure to ‘make time for personal exploration’.  It is an important philosophy and practice that PHC not just sticks their head in work and that is it. Taking time for personal exploration, passions, even just seeing new places, keeps us on our toes, inspired, and creative! It is a way to open up to new possibilities and new connections.

It is how we enhance our work by having this as a statement practice in conjunction with our work!

So, that being said – Look where we wandered to while in Singapore!

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Wadi Rum Desert, Jordan

Tourism in Wadi Rum

As PostHouseChic continues to work/visit various locations around the globe, the next stop became the Wadi Rum Desert in Jordan.

Modern media is inundated with fear based news in regards to middle eastern affairs. Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of problems going on. But it is a shame that people don’t take it upon themselves to inform themselves. Such as is the case of Jordan, a very safe place to visit. The Tourism industry is struggling there because of news sensationalization and generalization.

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to go to Jordan, work in the desert; helping with emails, websites, and tourism.  Living in the desert is an unforgettable experience – stars, you had never been able to see in the night sky due to night pollution, are visible! The expression that ‘silence is deafening’ is so strongly found in the utter silence of the desert. These are only things you can experience by going there!

It is important to learn about other cultures, especially your place in them – for example: as a traveling single woman. But you can be met with great hospitality, generosity, and amazing natural experiences!

Here are some of the photo projects from the desert!

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World of Birds

Animal Rescue and Conservation in South Africa

World of Birds is one of the places that PostHouseChic was slated to visit while producing content for Furkidz.

“World of Birds is the largest bird park in Africa and one of the few large bird parks in the World. Over 3 000 birds (and small animals) of 400 different species are uniquely presented in more than 100 spacious landscaped walk through aviaries, allowing you the most intimate closeness with nature.”

They rescue, breed, and nurture many animals in this vast sanctuary. It really does allow you an amazing experience to interact with animals in close proximity. A photographer/animal lovers dream!

There were so many animals I had never seen before! I particularly enjoyed the “Dinosaur Bird”, a prehistoric bird that has managed to survive through till today – with a blue head and large horn on its skull!

Have a look through of some of the creatures that can be found here at World of Birds! Also, if it interests you, consider Supporting World of Birds and keep them operating!

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Penguins of South Africa

Animals in the Wild

One of the things that PostHouseChic is passionate about, outside of creating and sharing media, is seeing animals in their natural habitats. It is one thing to be able to see animals in a zoo – and that can be a heated debate in itself – but to travel and see animals in the wild = priceless!

PHC had the good fortune to partner with Furkidz in Cape Town, South Africa to work on the Volunteer recruitment video! Thank to that, we were able to explore the landscape and see a variety of animals in their own comforts.

Here, we share a photoshoot of Penguins at Boulders in South Africa. These penguins swim all the way up from the Antarctic to come and enjoy the beaches! You can see penguins of various ages: down feather greys, baby blues, and adult penguins!

Thanks again to Furkidz for giving us the opportunity to explore multiple passions during this work project!

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South Africa Photo Exploration

Project Work for

PostHouseChic went to Cape Town, South Africa to work on projects for Furkidz – A non profit organization that is committed to helping cats and dogs be rehomed from animal shelters. They also partner with international students, placing them for internships that count towards their post secondary education; an excellent fusion of helping out a cause and being able to progress oneself!

The main project for Furkidz was to create a recruitment video to show to potential volunteers. In the course of that project, it was essential to go out around South Africa, film and photograph, tourism experiences in the area. The other component was to go into the townships, animal clinics, and animal shelters to demonstrate the setting and help that can be expected of volunteers.

This Gallery of photographs shows some of the locations around South Africa that were taken for potential use in the project. It also includes some examples of the locations of volunteering (Mobile Clinic, Townships, Shelter Clinic etc)

PostHouseChic is truly grateful to have had the pleasure of working with Furkidz; being able to understand a different culture and work to helping improve the lives of animals.

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